1. Entrepreneurship
  • President, JABC Entrepreneurship Program
    • Founded startup “Eco Terrariums” and lead team members to win several notable awards such as 1st place in Preliminary “Discover your pitch” with $150 prize fund, winner of JABC x TUEX Education pitch competition with $1000 prize, JABC Company Of the Year 2021 and entered finals for JABC Discover Your Pitch
    • President of startup “Amplinect” which provided advertising services for smaller local businesses
  • Student, SHAD Toronto Metropolitan University Summer Course
    • Created prototype Start-up business focusing on sustainability and well-being, worked with AI, coding (Java) and entrepreneurs from the business incubator

  1. Leadership
  • Student OE Leader, St.George’s Outdoor Education
    • Responsibly supervised and guided younger students during outdoor trips, fostered understanding of the senior school while forging strong connections with junior school students
  • Vice Chair, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Youth Leadership Team
    • Organize and monitor workshops and meetings
    • Previously E-shop Team Manager and Student volunteer, trained new team members and fundraised for Family Night Gala
  • Enrolled in The Wharton School Leaders in the Business World (Summer, 2023)

  1. Debate/Public Speaking
  • Best Delegate, Model United Nations (New Zealand UNODC)
    • Attended multiple other MUN conferences and received advanced committee positions (2018 – 2020)
  • Attended a 2-year public speaking, writing and debating course, completed with Distinction in 2019 and high distinction in 2018
  • Attendee, Canadian National Debate Format
    • Rules of Procedure of American & CNDF
    • UBC Spring Debate, BP Spring Debate, PF Fall Debate

  1. Language Arts
  • 1st Place, Creative Poetry Assignment
  • Honor Roll, Grades 7 & 8 in English
  • Attendee, 2020 New York Times Annual Personal Narrative Writing Contest
  • Participant, Poetry in Voice (regional competition)
  • Finalist, Poetry in Voice (school-wide competition)
  • Writer, The Creed (school paper)
  • Writer, Medium
  • Participant, Great Books Summer Program at Stanford (2018)

  1. Music
  • Piano Performances & Competitions
    • 1st Place, Crescendo International Music Competition (performed at Carnegie hall)
    • 1st Class Honors, Grade 10 piano
    • 1st Class Honors, Level 8 theory
    • 1st Place with $50 cash award, Richmond Music Festival Contemporary 10 Studies
    • 1st Place Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival (2017)
    • 1st Place (12 Year Old Group), CDMF Performing arts 20/12st century Pianoforte
    • 2nd place, CDMF Performing arts festival Baroque Composers
    • 2nd Place, Richmond Music Festival (Repertoire 12 & Classical 10B)
    • Performer, Arbutus Manor Youth Leadership Team
    • 2nd Pianist for Wizard of Oz, Pit Orchestra (2022)
  • George’s Concert Band Program (Percussion player) Performances & Competitions
    • 1st Place, Kiwanis Senior Band (2022)
    • Performer, Senior School Concerts & Graduation Ceremony (2018-2023)
    • 2nd Place, Performance at Kiwanis (2018)
    • Section Leader Award, Percussion (2018)
    • Leading Trumpet Player, School Christmas Holidays Show
  • Performer, European Band Tour (2023 – Italy, Germany, Austria)

  1. Fitness
  • Powerlifting Assistant Coach & Competitor
    • Expected to compete at BC Summer Open Powerlifting Competition
  • Badminton at Intermediate/JR Varsity level
  • Player, Jr.Basketball Team & Split Second
  • Intermediate level Tennis training at UBC
  • 7+ years of skiing experience
  • 3+ years of swimming experience
  • Grant Winner, $400 scholarship secured to health & fitness education to youth

  1. Technology/Innovation
  • Destination Imagination Competitions
    • 1st Place, Technical Challenge Canada (2022)
    • 1st Place, Engineering Challenge Canada (2021)
    • 9th Place, DI Globals (2021)
  • JABC E2 Innovation Accelerator Program (2021)
    • developed AI bot for Discord App helping young teenagers maximize their productivity in a world filled with distractions and technology
  • VEX IQ Robotics (2019 – 2020)
    • BC skills award (Provincial)
    • Best Design Award (Provincial)
    • Most Creative Design Award (Municipal)
  • Project Developer, Science Lab
    • Received recognition from phd student at Oxford
    • Candidate for Greater Vancouver Science Fair

  1. Sustainability
  • George’s Sustainability Council Member
    • Educate students on sustainable practices for food waste reduction and facilitate communication with culinary staff to minimize waste
  • Saints Sprouts
    • Creating a sustainable vegetable source for the school community by growing plants and vegetables for future lunches while also planting herbs and flowers for sale at the Saints Fair